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RP: Betörende Lieder aus der Weite Kanadas

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Jess Hart is an accomplished singer/songwriter who is appreciated for a refreshing combination of thoughtful lyrics and unique vocal and musical style. Hart delved into the Montreal music scene in 2005, performing original compositions and recording her debut self-titled EP, produced by Dominique Messier in collaboration with Studios Piccolo Productions. Her self-produced debut album “Incorporated” was released in 2009, charting #11 - CIUT Toronto. After relocating to the West Coast to tour and perform, Hart released the single “Lifestyle Ad” which charted on the Canada iTunes Top 100 Singer-Songwriter Songs, June 2012 and “To the Liquor Store (On Time)” which received national airplay across Canada, September 2013. During 2014 Hart toured througout Germany and performed for Berlin Music Week.

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New Canadian Music - To the Liquor Store (On Time)
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New Canadian Music - Lifestyle Ad Review
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Jan 31 2014 - Scala Adorf, Chemnitz, DE
Oct 25 2014 - WohnzimmerMucke - Bayreuth, DE
Oct 11 2014 - Cafe Tasso, Berlin, DE
Sept 16 2014 - Freundlich+Kompetent – Hamburg, DE
Sept 15 2014 - Rack n Roll - Remscheid, DE
Sept 14 2014 - Kulturcafe Lichtung - Cologne, DE
Sept 4 2014 - First We Take the Streets - Berlin, DE
June 28 2014 - LME Showcase Festival, Le National, MTL, QC
May 25 2014 - LME Showcase Festival, Club L’Alize, MTL, QC
Nov 13 2013 - CITR Folk Oasis, Vancouver, BC
Nov 2 2013 - Heritage Playhouse, Gibsons, BC
Nov 24 2012 - New Zula, Roberts Creek, BC
Nov 21 2012 - Gibsons Public Art Gallery, Gibsons, BC
May 21 2012 - Roberts Creek Arts Festival, Roberts Creek, BC
May 20 2012 - Roberts Creek Arts Festival, Roberts Creek, BC
Feb 18 2012 - Heritage Playhouse, Gibsons, BC
Dec 18 2011 - Strait Sound, Roberts Creek, BC
Aug 21 2011 - Synchronicity Festival, Gibsons, BC
Aug 13 2011 - Black Bean Café, Gibsons, BC
July 17 2011 - Heritage Playhouse, Gibsons, BC
July 7 2011 - Heritage Playhouse, Gibsons, BC
June 18 2011 - Café Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC
Apr 18 2011 - Blue Barn, Gibsons, BC
Oct 5 2010 - Sleep Is For Sissies, Winlaw, BC
Oct 1 2010 - Voodoo’s, Penticton, BC
Jul 31 2010 - Artswells Festival, Wells, BC
Jun 27 2010 - Café Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC
Apr 24 2010 - Cocoa Nymph, Vancouver, BC
Mar 20 2010 - Café Deux Soleils, Vancouver, BC
Mar 19 2010 - Nyala, Vancouver, BC
Mar 5 2010 - Nyala, Vancouver, BC
Mar 4 2010 - Cottage Bistro, Vancouver, BC
Feb 19 2010 - Nyala, Vancouver, BC
Feb 18 - Blue Zula VAN, Vancouver, BC
Feb 6 2010 - M.J.Fox Theatre, Haiti Benefit, Burnaby BC
Feb 5 2010 - Nyala, Vancouver, BC
Jan 31 2010 - Backstage Lounge, Vancouver, BC
Jan 22 2010 - Nyala, Vancouver, BC
Aug 14 – Incorporated Launch, Quai Des Brumes, MTL, QC
Aug 31 2007 - Gaining Ground for Gambia Benefit, MTL, QC
Jul 31 2007 - St.Lazarts Festival, St.Lazare, QC
Jun 2 2007 - Blue Zula, Montreal, QC
Jun 28 2007 - Casa Del Popolo, Montreal, QC
Apr 6 2007 - Blue Zula, Montreal, QC
Mar 16 2007 - Playhouse, Montreal, QC
Mar 31 2007 - Twelve-Twenty-One, Montreal
Feb 28 2007 - Casa Del Popolo, QC
Feb 8 2007 - Pub St. Paul, Montreal, QC
Sept 7 2006 - Casa Del Popolo, QC
Apr 6 2006 - Hurley’s Irish Pub, Montreal, QC
Feb 2 2006 - Hurley’s Irish Pub, Montreal, QC
Nov 3 2005 - Hurley’s Irish Pub, Montreal, QC


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Post-It Poems Incorporated 2009
2006webs prodwebs
Jess Hart - EP 2006 Incorporated 2009

Featured for a segment on Berlin Music Week playing for First We Take the Streets!

A couple of fun instagram shots from my travels!

Sunset Sail with a Classical Guitar, Vancouver

Auf Wiedersehen Berlin!! Until next time!

Playing at the Berlin Wall for First We Take the Streets

Picked up a new classical guitar at Mauerpark, Berlin

Lagari, Berlin

Poster Wall at Kulturcafe Lichtung, Köln

Bed and Breakfast in Remscheid after a fantastic show at Rack n Roll

Port of Hamburg

Go Pro shot from Le National in Montreal

The Berlin Wall at the East Side Gallery

Feeling Nostalgic... Mon Village

Swan lake on the canal by Paul-Lincke-Ufer

Hiding out on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia

Rainbow in Kreuzberg, Berlin

A few of my favorite things!

Cool butterfly with eyes, Berlin

Sunset in Kreuzberg, Wrangelkiez

Amazing organ, St.Marienkirche, Berlin

Cool graffiti Berlin. Let's dance!

The light at the end of the tunnel! Museuminsel, Berlin

The world's biggest discoball! Fernsehturm, Berlin

Amanita Graffiti Neuköln that makes me think of the Sunshine Coast!

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Nir Blu - Listen to some amazing music on this interactive website.
             My personal fave is the Magnivotron in the News section.

Some great photography work from the talented Jonathan Dy.

Erikson Audio hooking me up with Audio-Technica, Presonus and KRK sponsorship.







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